The Islands of the Bahamas have quite a bit to offer!  Our festive culture and ecological wonders bestows an escape from the everyday and simply begs to be explored! For us, it is a daily celebration of our rich culture, our diverse heritage and our way of life. This is what makes us smile, laugh and enjoy our lives here so much. We believe that this is the essence of what visitors want to experience when choosing our destination. 


We are a small, young and authentically Bahamian owned tour adventure company. CocoNutz Cruisers was birthed through a love of both exploration and motorcycles.  We wanted to take our guests off the beaten path. We usually operate smaller groups of 6-10 guests allowing for a more intimate setting to share our culture and history with you.  We prefer an informal setting where guest are free to ask questions and share their experiences.  To this, we add our electric bicycle which brings a sense of adventure in absorbing some of what The Bahamas has to offer.​

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We believe in providing the highest quality electric bicycle, ensuring excitement, yet safety for our customers. Also, our engaging staff are knowledgeable about the local topography and culture to assist you in having a fulfilling adventure. In all, CocoNutz Cruisers is simply a medium by which visitors are able to rediscover our islands thereby enriching the “Bahamian Experience” for you, our treasured guests.

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