What should we bring to the tour
Will there be pick up service from the Hotel


Here's a helpful tip for Cruise ship passengers!

Email us? Send us a message on Facebook? Also, we have listed our cell (242) 808-7292 so if you're up a little early or late please feel free to give us a call. We're happy to answer your questions!

What ages are allowed on the tour

Our tour is roughly 5.5 hours as we tend to go at the pace of our guests. If you are meeting us at our Port Lucaya Location, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time. We will typically start at 10 am and return to Port Lucaya at about 3:30 pm.

YES, we also pick up from and return to Port. We are flexible and therefore after the tour, if the consensus of the returning group wishes to browse the Port Lucaya Market Place area before returning, we are happy to accommodate. For cruise ship passengers we ask that you kindly advise us of your ship name, arrival and departure times. The cruise port area tends to be a bit busy and so this information is vital to us and assists greatly in locating guests and returning to the port on time. For Carnival and Norwegian Sky guests, we ask that you please meet us at the statue in front of the Señor Frogs Restaurant area at 9:45 am (Eastern Standard Time and Not Ship time)OUR TOUR TRADITIONALLY STARTS AT 10:00 AM, WE THEREFORE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE CONTACT US IN ADVANCE SO THAT WE MAY BETTER COORDINATE OUR PICK UP SERVICES. 

Grand Celebration passengers may dock slightly our side of the typical port area and so we can pick them up from outside of the terminal. Please let us know if you are arriving by way of the Grand Celebration.

For Balaeria Bahamas express "SAME DAY"
 passengers, please contact us for special tour times as the ship arrival time is usually after 10:00 am (Eastern Standard Time).

What is the maximum number of persons on the tour
When will lunch be served
Test drive our motorized bicycles
When should we arrive for tours

YES, bottled water is available during the tour and an option of water, soda or non-alcoholic drinks at Banana Bay Restaurant with lunch. You are free to purchase alcoholic and other beverages from the restaurant or at any of our other stops where available.​

Did we miss something
Is there a tour minimum
Will drinks be included on the tour

We are very accommodating and will take a minimum of 2 person out on our tours.  We love sharing our experience and can quite easily have an awesome time with 2 guests.

Ok, here's the scenario! You've heard about some really cool motorized bicycle tour in the Bahamas (Freeport) but if you're like me who never really earned that merit badge in scouts and possibly forgot to pack your tooth brush on the cruise, rest assured, we've got you covered! Once you get off the cruise ship simply ask for the Ministry of Tourism Information booth, they have our flyers and are probably nice enough to let you use the telephone (242) 808-7292.  We'll take it from there! See, it all works out!  You get the last minute adrenaline rush that you crave without missing out on a really cool tour! 

Ok, Scenario 2, your significant other pretty much made all the cruise arrangement and although you're actually reading this your still not gonna take down the number (242) 808-7292, .......yes, we're waiting........ grab a pen! And, No!, your really expensive smart phone is not nearly as smart when it's outside of its coverage area, so find a pay phone, borrow a cell phone, use a carrier pigeon and give us a call.​

We still tour in light rain.  For more severe weather, the tour will be re-scheduled. Persons not able or willing to be rescheduled will be refunded the portion paid to CocoNutz Cruisers. 

Are private tours available

We feel as though persons between the heights of 5ft 1" to 6ft 5" should be able to comfortably operate the motorized bicycle. Bicycle seats and handle bars can also be adjusted to better accommodate some riders. Our Maximum weight limit for riders is around 300 pounds.

So far, we have accommodated guests as young as 11 and as old as 80; however, these are extremes who had previous motor biking experience. We have found that guests at a height of 5'1" can comfortably ride the bicycle.

We love to keep the family together and therefore do have the option of riding in the vehicle that follows the tour. Also, guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign on their behalf.

Should we book/reserve in advance

YES, once contacted in advance, we can arrange pick up and return services for neighboring hotel guests at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We are located near the front entrance of the Port Lucaya Market Place. Hotels in Port Lucaya include the Pelican Bay and the Grand Lucayan Hotels. Other neighboring hotels include the Island Seas Resort, Ocean Reef & Yacht Club, Taino Beach, Bell Channel & Viva Club Fortuna hotels which are roughly within 5-10 minutes of our location. For Old Bahama Bay guests, we can arrange pickup and drop off services for a small fee given the significant distance from our location. OUR TOUR TRADITIONALLY STARTS AT 10:00 AM, WE THEREFORE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE CONTACT US IN ADVANCE SO THAT WE MAY BETTER COORDINATE OUR PICK UP SERVICES.

Lunch is scheduled about half way through the tour usually around 1:30 pm at the Banana Bay Restaurant. Therefore, we recommend eating before the tour. Additionally, you are free to bring snacks and we sincerely encourage this in the case of a diabetic or other medical conditions. 

YES, we completely understand the need for privacy for those special occasions and are accommodating to private (closed), personalized or extended tours.  Kindly contact us in advance for more details.

Will there be pick up service from the Port (Cruise ship passengers)
What happens if it rains

Tours are roughly 5.5 hours with the option to swim; therefore, we recommend bringing anything that you feel you may need during this time such as a swim suit, sunblock, camera.   We provide bottled water, and the use of our riding and beach towels, bicycle baskets, snorkels and goggles (no flippers).​

What are the height and weight requirement
What is the cancellation policy
Should we wear hats

Yes, you are free to wear hats and or visors; however, kindly be reminded that the provided safety helmet is also required. Your hats can be worn under our helmets. We also ask that persons not wear very long hanging clothing while riding as it may interfere with operating the motorized bicycle. We suggest placing these and other personal items in the bicycle basket or chase vehicle.  WE DO RECOMMEND WEARING CLOSED SHOES AND SUNGLASSES TO PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM THE SUN AND INSECTS WHILE RIDING. We do have a vehicle that follow the tour for any items that you may wish to bring along such as slippers backpacks which key be too bulky for the front bicycle baskets. 

Though not necessary, advance booking guarantees a tour space on the intended date. Our tour space is limited to 8 - 10 persons daily and may fill quickly especially on cruise days. We therefore recommend that you reserve ($19.99) at least  2 weeks in advance of your intended tour date or earlier if it is a holiday weekend. We have a very liberal cancelation policy.  Also, our online calendar closes 36 hours before the tour date. If you are booking last minute kindly email or call us as the online calendar date may not be available.

At this time, the maximum number of persons on the tour is 12. We prefer to accommodate smaller groups which allow for a more intimate setting and attentive service. 

If you're in our area stop in. We're happy to let you go on a no obligation test drive.  Yes, we love sharing our experience that much!

For direct online bookings or reservations we ask that you notify us within 48 hours of the tour for a full refund. Bookings made through affiliates may forfeit a $10 booking for fee depending on affiliate rate.